Our Mission is to deliver competitively-priced lighting fixtures with exceptional customer service.

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We have been providing lighting fixtures and accessories to Colorado builders and contractors since 1984.

Our Story

The Lighting Connection has been a family-owned and operated business since 1984, establishing a reputation of exceptional customer service and value-added lighting solutions. Our mission is to provide reasonably-priced lighting solutions with the highest quality customer service.

Our employees have diverse personal and professional backgrounds, which brings a lot of constructive ideas to our customer solutions. Using state of the art technology, our Customer Service team carefully assembles each lighting package and is able to quickly respond to your inquiries. Our delivery team is professional and friendly, and we communicate same day delivery confirmations using seamless software. Our efforts are concentrated on accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and timeliness.

What does this mean to you? You have a higher level of confidence and comfort knowing we will meet or exceed your needs and expectations because you – the Colorado builder – are our primary focus.

What We Do

With over 100 years of employee experience in the lighting and construction industries, we are able to work closely with you and your team of electricians, superintendents and purchasing agents to provide comprehensive design solutions with competitive and accurate pricing. Our unique business model distinguishes us from other lighting companies in several ways:

  • Built for Builders: We do not have a showroom or any of the distractions or inflexibilities that go with a showroom. You – the builder – are our primary focus.
  • Fast and Flexible: Since we are focused on you, our team is able to make deliveries from large house packs down to 1 or 2 items within a few hours.
  • Director of Field Operations: Our Director of Field Operations is dedicated to visiting job sites, walking houses and meeting with your construction managers and electricians to help orchestrate the process and mitigate any unforeseen issues or problems.
  • On-hand Inventory: Our inventory is overseen by a member of our team who is solely responsible for pipeline management and large-scale system implementation. This benefits our customers greatly since inventory remains stocked, which increases availability and minimizes backorder items.
  • Dedicated Scheduling: Our scheduling is managed by a team member who is dedicated to on-time, accurate deliveries and customer relations. This means your lighting packages will be delivered when required and gives us the flexibility to allow last-minute date, product and delivery adjustments.
  • Delivery Confirmations: In order to enhance accuracy, quality and timeliness we email a delivery confirmation (pictures included) for the lighting fixture pack on the same day we deliver.

Our customer service and dedication is unmatched in the lighting industry.

Our Mission

To deliver competitively-priced lighting fixtures with exceptional customer service. The Lighting Connection has a legacy of reliability in the lighting industry.


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The Lighting Connection represents and distributes lighting fixtures and accessories from many of the major manufacturers, including American Lighting, Kichler, Maxim, Progress and Seagull to name a few.  (See the links to our suppliers under the Brands menu.)

This gives our customers a variety of lighting styles and finish selections to peruse during the design process, as well as multiple options and reasonable substitutions when considering time and money during the course of construction.

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The Lighting Connection defines the meaning of a Trade Partner and we are blessed to be working with such a great company.  Your team always goes the extra mile without any question.


I’ve worked with The Lighting Connection for 15 years and their customer service is fantastic. That’s why I bring them with me!


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